Vacuum Cleaner Electrolux ZUO9923PT

UltraOne is the strongest Electrolux vacuum cleaner in terms of suction. Being a bagged vacuum cleaner with excellent filtration this machine is ideal for allergy or asthma sufferers. As part of the new range, UltraOne Deluxe features an improved and sleek design as well as higher dust pick up performance in comparison to previous models. Everything about UltraOne has been designed to make vacuuming as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Extremely powerful suction

UltraOne delivers what its name promises: ultra efficient vacuuming. The secret behind the extremely strong dust pick-up is its powerful motor combined with high airflow and an efficient nozzle. The result, powerful cleaning performance on all surfaces.

Excellent filtration, cleaner air at home

As an ideal vacuum for allergy or asthma sufferers, UltraOne retains an impressive 99.999% of the dust particles it vacuums. This means captured micro-dust and allergens remain inside the machine instead of being released back into the air, all thanks to its 5 layers of filtration and a completely sealed filtration system.

Top class design and agility

The large display front panel on UltraOne shows a clear view of the power settings and indicators while its big operating buttons on the sides allow for easy foot access. A 360 front wheel allows the vacuum to roll effortlessly whilst its soft rear wheels offer superb manoeuvrability and protect delicate floor surfaces.

5 variable suction power settings

UltraOne features 5 different suction power settings so that you can adjust the suction level to suit the surface you are vacuuming. Suction level 1 is suitable for fabrics, bedding and cottons whilst suction level 5 is suitable for general hardwood floors and corners. The easy to understand indicators in the front LED panel display each level and surface type.


Low noise level 70dB

AeroPro hard floor nozzle Included in the box

AeroPro 3-in-1 accessory tool with improved gliding to help clean upholstery, shelves and corners. Fibre pick up is 40% better than previous range.

Excellent manoeuvrability Big soft rear wheels and 360 degree front wheel to allow the vacuum to roll effortlessly

Auto suction Automatically detects floor suction pressure and adjusts level of power required for the specific floor type

AeroPro Turbo Brush Nozzle Designed to remove pet hair on the floor

Extended cleaning radius 12 meters

Remote control handle with 5 different suction power settings, plus LED large display with easy to understand indicators

AeroPro Extreme Technology nozzle