Vacuum Cleaner Electrolux ZUP3862P

UltraPerformer Active is a powerful bagless vacuum with super-cyclonic technology and excellent cleaning performance. Its compact and light design offers a hassle free solution so that you can vacuum without the regular cleaning restrictions. The Active model comes with AeroPro motorised power nozzle to tackle hard-to-remove dirt.

Powerful Cleaning Performance

Super cyclonic technology provides outstanding suction power as well as excellent dust pick up and filtration rate, resulting in quality clean air at home. Improved AroPro nozzles deliver high performance whilst sharper edges improve dust pick up on carpet.

Compact and easy to store

UltraPerfomer can be sorted in the smallest closet or tucked away behind a door. Its ergoshock elastic can be used to wind the vacuum hose around the machine and secure it neatly. The ergoshock rubber bumper also prevents furniture and wall from being scuffed.

Easy Handling

UltraPerformer is user friendly and hassle free. The dust container is easy to handle, allowing you to empty and click back in place without spilling. The soft wheels and the pivoting wheel at the base of the vacuum deliver maneuverability and comfort.

Enhanced cleaning result

The AeroPro motorised nozzle allows for deep cleaning performance on hard floor and/or carpet, tackling extra difficult dust and dirt.